4 Websites that Pay Newbie Writers to Write

Have you ever thought about quitting your job to make money writing? If so, you should consider becoming a freelance writer. As a freelance writer you can work from your home and control your schedule and income. The amount of money you make as a freelance writer is directly dependent on your productivity. How do I know this? I know this from personal experience because I’m a freelance writer. In a sense, I’m living the dream of millions of people, I make money online and from the comfort of my own home. But, what most people fail to realize is that I work damn hard for every cent that rolls into my bank account. If you are one of the idealists that have a romantic preconceived notion about being a freelance writer, drop it. It’s very hard work that requires a high level of stamina. Becoming a freelance writer is no easy feat, but if you are prepared for lots of hard work, long hours and complete control over your life, you just may have a shot at becoming a successful freelance writer. Below, I have compiled a list of four websites that allow newbie writers to make money writing. The list includes a detailed description of the websites and pros and cons about working with each site that I have developed from personal experience. 1. Associated Content– Since you are reading this article on Associated Content, I thought it necessary to place this website at the top of my list. I was paid to write the very article you are reading by Associated Content. Associated Content is a standup website that pays its writers for valuable content they produce. You do not need any formal writing experience of education to become a writer on Associated Content, but you do need solid writing skills. They don’t accept just anything. Associated Content claims to pay in the range of $3 to $20 per article, but most of my colleagues report to be earning in the range of $3 to $6 per article. You can submit as many article as you want in any given day, this means that your income from Associated Content has no cap. As a bonus, Associated Content offers its writers performance payments. You are paid $1.50 for every 1,000 page views you receive.Pro: Prompt Payments. Once your articles are reviewed and accepted, you will be paid generally within two business days. Con: Slow review periods. Many of my Associated Content colleagues report review times of over 7 days. 2. Text Broker- Text Broker is a lucrative website to work for if you are a fast writer. Text Broker provides its writers with a constant stream of work. Text Broker has a pool of articles open to its writers 24 hours per day. One of the main benefits about writing for text broker is that you are told exactly what you will be paid before you decide to take the article. And if the pay isn’t up to your standards, you can release the article onto another writer and make money writing an article that pays a bit more. Furthermore, Text Broker allows you to directly connect to your client, which can come in handy if you need some clarification. And trust me, at some point, you will need clarification. Text Broker pays its writers a varied amount per article. The pay is dependant on skill. However, most of my colleagues have told me that they earn $0.01 per word. Text Broker warmly welcomes new writers as long as they have a good grasp on the English language and can compose near flawless writing. Pro: A constant stream of work available at all times. Con: Text Broker only pays its writers once per month, which is a pain. However, when you see a lump sum of $1,200 deposited into your bank account from them at the end of the month, you completely forget about not seeing a biweekly paycheck, or at least I do. 3. Demand Studios- This one is a bit tricky. Demand Studios welcomes new and talented writers under the condition that they have a resume to submit. To get paid to write at Demand Studios, you should first complete some articles on Associated Content in order to build your portfolio. Your portfolio doesn’t have to be breathe taking but it needs to be filled with informative articles that have been written concisely. If you want to make money online, Demand Studios is certainly one of the main websites you need to focus on. Demand Studios pays its writers $15 per article. I will be the first to admit that it isn’t easy to make money writing with Demand Studios, but if you are a fairly prolific writer you can earn a consistent $150 per week for 10 articles. Pro: The pay per article is much higher than many other websites that allow writers to make money writing. Demand Studios also pays on a weekly basis. Con: Finicky editors. If you cannot write articles that will meet their standards you will get a request for a rewrite. While I have encountered several editors that make outlandish requests, many of the editors’ requests are reasonable. 4. Bright Hub- You can make money writing on Bright Hub. When Bright Hub made its debut, it was all I could talk about. I loved writing for Bright Hub because my editor was a joy to work with, the topics were great and the pay was relatively high paying ($10 per 300 word article). However, lately it has become increasingly difficult to make money writing for Bright Hub, because they limit the amount of articles that you can write. Pitching article ideas to Bright Hub is similar to pitching a story to a tangible magazine; the querying process is just far more relaxed. On a good month, you may be assigned 10 articles. It isn’t very lucrative, but if your goal is just to make a few extra $$$ per month to supplement your shopping spree budget, Bright Hub is a great place to do so. Pro: The editors are a joy to work with and they will provide solely constructive criticism, which is helpful when first building your writing skills. Con: Low amount of available work and long payout period. Bright Hub pays their writers once per month.