Free Woodburning Patterns that Can Be Found Online

Writing with fire. Sounds very interesting and exciting, but it has been around for centuries. Wood burning or pyrography is the art of decorating wood with burn marks with a control heated object (Source: Wood is not the only medium that can benefit from pyrography, you can also write with fire on dried grounds or naturally treated leather. The resulting burns create sepia tones from black to the palest brown which allows the woods natural color show through. People believe that pyrography goes as far back as ancient times, where they heated thin metal rods until they were white hot in order to burn into wood or leather. Today, you can purchase a safer electric kit from your local hobby shop and they are relatively inexpensive. Some kits will also come with additional tips to allow greater detail. You have your wood – simple pine to start as it is the easiest to work with – you have the proper burning tool, which is often called a poker, but there is one thing missing – a pattern. Something to memorialize on wood to keep or give as a gift. This article offers three websites that offer free patterns that can be downloaded to be printed from your computer to transfer onto the wood. 1. Classic Carving Patterns – This free gift download offers twelve patters which include boarders and accent pieces – simple to elegant. You can also purchase pattern books ranging from holiday designs to mythic creatures. You can preview each book for the designs that are included and each book comes with eight to twelve different designs. The sites offers over thirty plus different pattern books. Further, the designed are available in both large and small sizes. 2. Darkwood – Woodcarving – With over twenty patterns and updated occasionally, this site is usually for the carving of three dimensional figures, but the patterns are simple enough to transfer over to pyrography. The simple lines allow the pyro-artist to detail the picture as much or as little as they wish. The patterns included a unique range from flowers to realistic wildlife. 3. Woodworking Plan – One of the largest and most extensive free pattern sites available for the pyro-artist. This site boosts over three hundred patterns to choose from. Browse to find your pattern, once found, simply click on the title and depending on the pattern, the design will jump to a .pdf file ready for printing or it will take you to the site that is offering the pattern. Patterns include holidays, animals, vehicles to even Sesame Street, Pokemon and Scooby Doo. Some of the patterns can also double as coloring pages for the children.