Student spent 10 hours on Facebook and the implications

Facebook addiction has made many children neglect their studies, become victims of the virtual world. Recent years, the amount of people involved in the social network Facebook is rapidly increasing. To date, our country has 22 million people use this site and most are teenagers. With advantages of it can create a private world for users, Facebook has increasingly captured the hearts of the young like an addictive substance. However, the addiction to Facebook has entailed the implications were not so good in terms of psychology, makes the children neglect their studies, many children become victims of the virtual world. Not difficult to encounter groups of students after school focusing a corner, at the snack bars, cafes, engrossed, staring at the screen the smart phone, whispering with countenance enthralled, amused. Not only after school, that time at home, instead of focusing on school work, rest, have fun, the children resume “glued” to the phone screen. What attracts the attention of the children to? That is social network Facebook. Many students see the “Facebook” like rice to eat, water to drink daily. The children’s continuous status updates, post photos and intently follow up comment, click “like”. The more friends, the more followers the more they feel proud. Facebook almost become an essential part in the everyday life of the children. Pham Quynh Anh, a student of class 9 in Hanoi to share: “One day I spend more than 10 hours to online Facebook. Not used Facebook daily, often I feel very uncomfortable. So I find every way to online Facebook. The photos with more “like” and “comment” I really like it. I like thhe commentary compliments while the criticizing comment I don’t like and just want to delete them right away”. There are thousands of students in secondary or high schools in the country spend most of their time during the day to use Facebook. Social networking not only makes the kids waste time, distract their studies, but also makes the children fall into the virtual world. The children thought is still very immature, not knowing that many pitfalls are spread out waiting for them to fall into. In fact, there were many children suffer from the bad actor taking advantage of trust, fraud, threats and abuse which has a profound effect on them mentally. Mr. Hoang Xuan Launchers, Department for combating high-tech crime, Ministry of Public security said, along with the development of the Internet, the crime of child abuse are also increasing with the complicated, unpredictable. Increasingly, the abuse of children via the internet is increasing. The fact that getting acquainted on the network, then create the trust and then scams, appropriation of children is no longer a rare thing. In particular, the male abuse victims, is showing signs of increase. According to the statistics, then on average each year there are approximately 1,800 child abuse but this is only small part of the thousands of cases yet to be discovered. Mr. Hoang Xuan Phong said: “a common and sophisticated approach that they used today is through technology, the social network system, the online messagers through the website of porn, through talk, chat, game window. With this way, criminals doesn’t need to be revealed, does not take effort but can achieve high efficiency. They just sit in one place and perform acts of entice, seduce, abuse against hundreds of children in all over the world. In particular, in Vietnam today, with the number of participants in the social network accounted for 31% of the population, the risk for child abuse through social networking sites are is an alarming situation”. According to the analysis of mr. Nguyen Tung Lam, chairman of The psychology and education Ha Noi, many students spend too much time on the virtual world, just like living in your own world without being controlled by anyone. Immerse yourself in the virtual world, the children become separate, lonely in real life. This is what heavily influenced to their schoolworks, psychology and even they can became insensible, live without responsibility to their family and themself. Many of them bewildered, anxious, fall into a state of crisis, depression when the virtual world is exposed. This situation is alarming, but with the movements of using social network as now, the prohibition is not an effective solution. Mr. Tung Lam said: “the more prohibitions, more and more kids are curious and amused, as do the opposite. So the problem here is that we must have many forms, many ways to do different to make students consciously protect yourself. When students have a sense of self-protection, self prevention was successful. The family and the school must educate to place to place to be effective. Parts network security must be strengthened forces, find out the measures using information technology to monitor as well as whisked away the images, the harm from those who take advantage of the network to protect children”. Protection of children in general and child protection in the network environment, in particular, are posing many challenges for the authorities. Deputy minister of Labour-invalids and Social affairs Dao Hong Lan said, to strengthen child protection in the network environment, in the process of building care Law, child protection amendments, the content related to child protection in the network environment has also been put into the draft law. Currently, the Ministry is drafting the project “child protection in the network environment,” submitted to The Prime minister for approval, stating the objects need to focus to strengthen this work as well as solution, the roles and responsibilities of the Ministries and departments. Mrs. Lan said: “this Work also set out for the authorities to challenge, how to further strengthen communication work as well as the particular solution of each agency function, the social organization in which the school, parents and students themselves. Currently, in the process of implementing construction care Law, child protection modified, content related to child protection in the network environment has also been included in the draft law. Today, on the Ministry of Labour – invalids and Social affairs carried out only island of The Prime minister is also under construction draft project for child protection in the network environment to The Prime minister for approval”. Use a excessive lead to addiction Facebook of the young, are becoming alarming. Therefore, strengthening the legal system to protect children on the networking environment is very necessary. However, to pull the children addicted to social networking out of the virtual world need the hands of all the family, the school and themselves. According to VOV.